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Fence Painting

Something tells us that your fence has seen better days before. After all, that’s usually the reason why homeowners approach us to book fence painting in Burlington, Ontario. If you are considering a similar project, reach us to get more information, color consultation, and a quote – all free of charge and any obligation towards us.

At Painters Burlington, we are fully aware that you want to gather the information needed for the specific project and weigh things before you make decisions. And so, we do that. We give you the info you need to decide and let you be. If you decide to assign the painting of your fence to us, we set the date and talk about all the relevant details extensively. For now, let us give you an idea of how the work is done.

Burlington fence painting contractors at your service

Fence Painting Burlington

If you are interested in fence painting, Burlington contractors are ready to serve. You just make contact with our company and schedule an appointment. As we said, you get a free – no-obligation – consultation and estimate for the painting service. To offer an approx. cost, the painting contractors check the fence and everything about it – the material, condition, size – and listen to your particular needs. Since fences vary, the fence finishing methods, coatings, and techniques vary too.

Do you want a wood fence painted?

One thing that makes our team the best choice for fence painting services is that we pay attention to all details, from the beginning.  And accordingly, we provide consultation and painting ideas. Plus, we suggest the best paints depending on the material. Even if we talk about wooden fences, not all timbers are the same. And not all fences are in the same condition. But all wood fence painting jobs are carried out with the same diligence and accuracy.

Fence staining and painting services

A fence can be painted or stained. If you want color, you need a painting job. Is the fence painted already and you want its color refreshed? Or, has the old paint cracked and must be scraped off? No worries. The painter doesn’t prime or paint before the fence is free of old paint. The process of painting or staining involves fixing flaws and imperfections, sanding, cleaning, priming, and finishing the fence.

Fences are often stained – with tinted stains or clear coatings – just to keep them resistant or for the purpose of enjoying the wood grains. All the same, the process still involves prepping the fence – fixing, cleaning, and sanding. The fence is always fixed and smoothened so that the finishing coating will adhere perfectly and last for a long time.

As you can tell, you have nothing to worry about. We are experienced with all types of fences and all finishing methods. Plus, our team is ready to offer solutions, advice, and a quote for the Burlington fence painting. Why don’t you ask for a quote?