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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

One affordable and easy way to breathe new life into your kitchen is to paint the cabinets. Now, if you need kitchen cabinet painting across Burlington in Ontario, the smart thing to do is to turn to our team and trust us with the project.

With Painters Burlington, the job is done on time, correctly, with the right products, and by experienced pros without breaking the bank. If all that sounds good, wait until you hear the rest.

Kitchen cabinet painting in Burlington – why choose our team

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Burlington

Burlington kitchen cabinet painting services are easy to book. You simply have to get in touch with us. One valuable element you should keep in mind is that you are not obliged to book the service with us. You can simply make an inquiry.

Speaking of which, we believe that people need to know details about the service, including the cost, before they agree to do business with pros. On our side, we need to know the customer’s vision and needs to help and provide solutions. And so, we join our needs under one meeting which is not charged but we learn things about your project, talk with you, and you find out about colors, the service, the process, and more. You also get an estimate. No charge and no obligation.

Although that’s a good reason for turning to us, there’s more. And it’s related to the cabinet painting service.

  •          We have experience with all cabinet materials and thus, ensure the proper techniques are applied for the best results.
  •          Due to our knowledge, all cabinets are prepped with the appropriate care, based on the material.
  •          The paints are chosen based on the material too and that’s one thing that also ensures excellent adhesion, longevity, resistance, and elegance.
  •          The service is set when it’s suitable for you and is completed as scheduled and agreed.
  •          We are available for all finishing methods. From cabinet refinishing to staining and painting.

The process of having kitchen cabinets painted

  •          We first care to learn more about your project and, based on that, suggest the ideal color scheme for your kitchen cabinets. On top of that, you also get an estimate for the service.
  •          If you decide to trust our team with the cabinet painting, the pros show up on the day and at the time we have agreed to get the job rolling.
  •          Since the meticulous preparation of the surfaces is key to a flawless and durable finish, the job starts with that. The pros address imperfections, clean, sand, and take all steps they consider necessary to prep the cabinets for the finishing stage.
  •          Then, the cabinets are painted. Or, repainted. Or, stained. And whether you need kitchen cabinet repainting or staining, you can be certain of the excellent way the job is carried out.
  •          Of course, all sections that have been removed are put back and hardware is reinstalled.

Let’s talk about your kitchen cabinets & painting needs now. Shall we? Contact us. If you want the best pros for kitchen cabinet painting, Burlington specialists are at your service.