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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Time to say goodbye to a popcorn ceiling? If you want to book popcorn ceiling removal in Burlington, Ontario, our company is the company to contact. Even if there’s no safety concern with your popcorn ceiling, removing it is still difficult. It takes experience and good preparation since removing such ceilings gets messy. Isn’t it best if you leave the job to pros who have done this before again and again? Contact Painters Burlington.

Experts in popcorn ceiling removal in Burlington

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Burlington

If you want to schedule popcorn ceiling removal, Burlington’s most experienced team is at your service. Several homes still have such textured ceilings. One reason for that is that these ceilings are difficult to remove. And when they are removed, they make a lot of dust. Plus, some popcorn ceilings are not only hard to dust and an outdated eyesore but also dangerous since they contain asbestos and lead. And so, removing them without knowing how to do it is not recommended.

With our team, removing popcorn ceiling and refinishing the substrate becomes much easier. For starters, the job is done by experts who have removed such ceilings before. Then, the pros thoroughly prep the room so that the dust won’t travel to all parts of the house. Also, they have the means to reach high ceilings and the expertise to remove popcorn ceiling sections piece by piece without causing damage.

Popcorn ceilings are removed and the substrate is fixed & finished

And then comes the after the removal of the popcorn ceiling. Of course, the place is cleaned to minimize dust clouds. And the substrate of the ceiling is prepped because there will surely be some uneven sections and some blemishes and imperfections. The pros fill cracks, fix holes, and address all other blemishes having as their goal the creation of a flawless substrate that’s smooth and ready for finishing. The ceiling is sanded, primed, and painted with the color of your choice – assuming you want something different from white.

So, did you recently learn that your popcorn ceiling contains lead and asbestos and so you are in a hurry to carry on with its removal? Did you move to this house recently or plan to do so soon and you want the popcorn ceiling removed? Whatever your situation, if it involves the removal of a popcorn ceiling, make our company your first and only choice.

Removing popcorn ceilings takes experience – put your trust in us

Don’t you want the job done by specialists, on time, and on budget? And then, don’t you want to be certain that the dust is controlled so that contaminated particles won’t end up in other parts of the house? Let us spare you from such anxieties. Greenlight us to send a pro to check the popcorn ceiling at your place and talk solutions with you, dates and estimates. If you live in Burlington, popcorn ceiling removal is easy to book without worrying about the way the service is done or the results. Get top service by putting your trust in us.